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About Us
A few years back a bunch of friends and I came up with this concept uaeshelf.com a directory to be the most informative, user friendly and modern that existed in the United Arab Emirates. The Idea came up when we had a friend visiting the Emirates and he wanted to go paintball shooting….I was clueless and felt embarrassed since I have no Idea where to take him, I searched the web and a bunch of local directories and still couldnt find a phone number or a location map, my friend kept on teasing me since I was born in the Emirates and had no Idea where certain places are… So we decided to design a website where we can can list businesses and Businesses can list their detailed services. We eventually bailed out during the years and I decided to team up with my Emarati friend Mohmmad Al Hashimi and an American, Louay. UAE Shelf was re-born and we are ready to stack as much information on the shelf and to support the National tourism industry

Uaeshelf.com is a subsidiary of “Konnekt Advertising Services LLC” which is based in sunny Dubai.

We are sure that these questions have been asked before…I need someone to repair my AC? What is on offer at the nearest 5 star hotel? Want to visit the Souq? Find the closest emergency room! Where can I go skydiving?

Everything you need to know about the UAE is just a click away!

The Internet is changing the World. Before our eyes, the World Wide Web is systematically transforming industry after industry. To an increasing extent, a company does not exist if it is not presented on the Internet.

UAE Shelf plans to exploit this trend. The tourism industry is in the early stages of being transformed by the Internet. UAE Shelf will passionately focus on the UAE tourism segments of this industry. The website will use its marketing resources to define a new niche for the United Arab Emirates on the World Wide Web. This website will focus on everything that is old and new in the UAE, from fast food to 5 star restaurants, paintball to golf tournaments, local transportation to airline information and much more.

There are very few websites that already exist about the UAE, and this number is projected to increase, but none that will provide information in a broader aspect than “UAE Shelf”.

Why UAE Shelf:
Our understanding is if your business is not listed online then you don’t exist and if you do exist online…well it’s not enough! UAE Shelf is designed to promote small to medium businesses online and large businesses to get more reach & awareness.

Small & Medium Businesses:

Many small to medium companies and organizations commit to their services and deserve to be recognized yet find it difficult to reach people with some or no online presence. Establishing a website could be expensive and to maintain its contents could require manpower. With UAE Shelf we tend to make life easier, you will have your own page and account to access your dedicated page where you can upload all your business requirements. We aim to provide solution with an exciting user friendly interface that you can input your information from Company Logo, information, offers, location, website link, social media links, videos, contact information and up to 10 pictures in your gallery.

Large Businesses:

Large companies usually have their own website yet will always require several pages to redirect traffic to their main page. Our aim is to redirect consumers to homes pages, increase awareness, further reach to your consumers, assist in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and provide a listing in our directory submission page with an easy to manage concept.

Our Competitive Edge:

There are four principals that will differentiate the uaeshelf.com from the competition.

  • The company will have a blend of both UAE cultural understanding, and World Wide Web infrastructure.

  • The company will build a strong brand through advertising and promotion.

  • The company intends to define its business activities as a new niche blending website design with UAE tourism.

  • The company will use its position as an early entrant in this new niche to create opportunities for a word of mouth reputation based on quality and a high level of service.

Taken together, these four differentiators represent a proven World Wide Web competitive strategy.

Benefit @ the Shelf:

  • More Awareness!

  • More Reach!

  • More Traffic!

  • Measurable impact!

  • More “Like” on you social media pages

  • Maintain & assist in SEO!

  • More listing!

  • More Business!

  • More Informative

  • Most cost effective!

What we also do at “Konnekt Advertising Services”

  • Media Buying – lowest price guaranteed.

  • Radio Spots

  • Print Media & Distribution

  • QR Codes

  • Live Sales Chat Program Installation

  • Customized Press Release Kit

  • Event Management

  • Exhibition Stands & Platforms

  • Tailor made Apps

  • Directory Submission on uaeshelf.com

  • Mini maps

  • Logo Creation

  • Social media account handling

  • SEO

  • SMS Blast

  • Email Blast

  • 3rd Party Database 900,000 contact detail in the UAE